Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day/ Happy Anniversary

This morning I had my parents over for breakfast in honor of Father's Day and their 40th wedding anniversary, which is also today. I'm glad my parents live so close now so that we can do these things and not just send cards in the mail.

My dad is great and since everyone loves lists (you do, you love lists), here's a list of 10 reasons my dad is awesome.

1. He taught me to ride my little red Schwinn
2. He would take us on 'hippo rides' in the pool when we were little (this involved hopping on his back and getting submerged when we least suspected it)
3. He took us on lots of road trips
4. He taught me to canoe and fish and to appreciate the beauty and serenity of the outdoors
5. He taught me never to give up
6. He taught me to love to watch football
7. He taught me the art of the bad pun
8. He made sure my life was VERY WELL documented
9. He taught me bravery in the face of pain
10. He gave me a kidney

Dad, after discovering Ryan, Doug, and me in his cabin in Minnesota on his 60th birthday where he had no prior knowledge of our attendance and where we were hiding in a room pretending to be bears or really large racoons. Did I mention he's a good sport?

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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Jason said...

If you're ever see a hippo in real life, do not, I repeat DO NOT try to ride on its back! You should run away from it and hide in a tree (which, admittedly, probably would have made for a much poorer game as a child).
Happy father's day, Dick!