Thursday, August 14, 2008


I generally try to blog on days I do not have dialysis (it's not a time thing, just a factor of energy and motivation), but my MacBook's internet connection keeps crapping out on me. I've briefly hijacked Ryan's desktop for a quick post. Sorry for the brevity. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Olympics

I'm probably doing overkill on the Olympics, but I've been pretty under the weather this week and watching a lot of games coverage.

Did you hear about this? Apparently during the opening ceremonies, China pulled a Singing in the Rain and had a little girl lip-synching over the singing of another little girl who was not deemed 'cute' enough for TV. Nice, China. They are seriously creeping me out, what with their militaristic opening ceremonies, child athlete factories, and 'women' gymnasts who now have passports that claim they are miraculously 2 years older than the last time their ages were posted.

Nevertheless, China is doing tremendously well at these games and I was kicking myself for not recording the men's team gymnastics final last night before I went to bed. China took the gold, as expected, after performing a number of flawless routines. Team USA actually pulled off a bronze (yay!). I did see recaps online this morning, including team leader Jonathan Horton frat boying his way through the post competition interview with "First off, I'd like to give it up for the Lord" and "...we got these sweet medals...". Also lots of 'wooooo'-ing and fist pumping I believe.

We're proud of you, Jon, but tone it down a notch

I've been enjoying watching swimming, but I'm a little disappointed at the lack of false starts. I used to like paying close attention to the starts of races, cruelly snickering when someone would tump off the starting block too early. Maybe at the Olympic level that just doesn't happen.


Update: I'm really getting sick of the news sites spoiling the results for me. This is a problem every time there's this much of a time difference, but it seems like it's worse this year. I can't go to my preferred news site to get actual news without getting hit with "US wins gold in wheelbarrow*!!". Thanks, preferred news site, couldn't you just have a link that says "wheelbarrow results here" ?

*not an actual Olympic event, but should be