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Where Jeff Spends his Afternoons


DogWatch '09: Day....something. I don't even know anymore.

Scout is fitting in with Steansclan nicely. For a while after she realized there was a cat, she spent all of Jeff's time downstairs attempting to alert us to his presence. "Hey! Hey! Did you know you had a cat? Hey! It's a cat! It's a cat! It's a cat!" We haven't had any major property damage aside from the power cable incidents, although she has a fondness for liberating shoelaces. We've had to relocate all shoes from the shoe caddy by the back door to the safety of the stairs behind the baby gate. Scout and Lucy are getting along swimmingly. They go for walks together, play in the backyard, play inside, steal each others toys. I even caught them sleeping on the floor the other day with Lucy resting her head on Scout's stomach. It was painfully cute, but unfortunately I was cameraless. Here's another instead: Lucy and Scout lose consciousness after an epic nylon bone power struggle In the process of dorking around with the camera o