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Much to Ryan's dismay and despite my recent rant, I'm once again going to watch the Oscars. Partially because I can't help myself and partially because I keep hearing things that lead me to believe this year could be a fantastic train wreck. Things like Hugh Jackman, who is not a comedian but who likes to sing and dance, will be hosting. Also there's supposed to be a 'storyline' to tie the award presentations together. Whooo boy. I'm watching it on a slight time delay so I can fast forward through the commercials. And away we go! Red carpet Angelina Jolie looks hilariously miserable Tim Gunn is interviewing. Good call. Kate Winslett. Her dress is gorgeous. Didn't see the Reader, but I did see her in Extras . Josh Brolin is married to Diane Lane? Amy Adams has an...interesting necklace Sarah Jessica P and Matthew Broderick Taraji P. Henson. She looks beautiful. Frank Langella. He was amazing in Frost/Nixon, but I think there were better movies