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So tomorrow is my birthday and this past weekend I had a little get together. I think I had my last birthday party when I was 10 and I'm happy to report this one had much less fighting and fewer rotations of "Material Girl". While it wasn't a surprise party, I did get a huge shock when I opened the door for my first guests of the evening and saw the Dug, who flew in from Berkeley unbeknownsed to me or Ryan. Unexpected Doug is unexpected Also making an out of towner appearance was Heather, fresh from her last semester of her masters program at Texas Tech. Nicole made a batch of 'Yoda Soda' (lime sherbert and ginger ale) which was well received, especially by those adding a touch of 'Dark Side' (Tito's Vodka). All in all I think it was a successful shindig and I thank all who were able to make it. Special shout out to mom and dad, who came in on pre-party Thursday for some spring house and yard cleaning. Thanks, guys! You are the best! *More pi