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Cardiac Update Update

This is just a quick update on my cardiac post from last week. Yesterday morning I had a follow up appointment to discuss the results from last week's catheterization and to make a game plan for the future. I mentioned that Dr. Levy wanted me to pull as much fluid as I could tolerate at dialysis so that I would essentially dehydrate myself and make sure there was no fluid to back up into my lungs. That is the plan for the next two months. I may have already met this goal as I have been pulling an extra kilo (2.2 lbs) of fluid this past week during treatments and last night I woke up with a foot cramp - a sign you are pulling too much fluid.  At the end of September I have a follow up appointment to reassess and to schedule another catheterization. After that we may do a transesophageal echocardiogram. I'm not sure why that is different than the cath in terms of gathering data, but it must be. And yes, that means they stick a transducer down your throat. Trust me, don't Goog