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DogWatch '09: Day 6

I think this is going to work out fine. Lucy being tolerated Lucy pushing her luck Lucy having no concept of personal boundaries 5 seconds later

DogWatch '09: Day 3

Things with Scout are progressing. On the plus side, the dogs haven't killed each other. Also: Scout seems to have little to no interest in Jeff the Cat. She ate a whole cup of food over the course of the day, which is more than she consumed the previous 2 days combined. Unlike a puppy, she has no aversion to her kennel and has been sleeping through the night. Scout and Lucy are by no means the best of friends. They are still trying to figure out who is boss and there is mild growling and baring of teeth when one crosses the other's imaginary boundary line. I hope they can soon sort out their differences. Can't we all just get along? Scout is very loving towards people and seems incredibly intelligent. She is already picking up commands and was fetching tennis balls in the backyard this evening. She's a good combination of sweet labridor and smart shepherd, which is one of the great things about mutts. More updates to come...

Our Newest Family Member!

Yesterday we ventured to the Austin ASPCA to do some dog shopping. Lucy has needed a companion for some time now and I finally felt like I was ready to welcome a new friend to the family. Ryan found a shy, one and a half year old, bat-eared yellow lab/shepherd mix (we think) named "Babette". Hi! My name is Scout and I think "Babette" is a stupid name We took Lucy up to the shelter today for a meet and greet to see how the dogs would get along. Lucy was more interested in the bountiful supply of tennis balls than in Scout, but there was little to no hostility so we declared the session a success, signed some paperwork and brought the dogs home. Scout has yet to venture outside of the kitchen and has camped out next to the stove, but seems pretty comfortable. She growls quietly at Jeff every so often, but Jeff deserves it for being creepy so I'm not too worried. I also have yet to hear her bark, so I'm hoping she remains good tempered and is happy here.