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Ryan turns 34

Today is Ryan's 34th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ryan! Ryan enjoys a bowl of Superman cereal And because everyone loves lists, I have composed a list of 34 things I love about Ryan: 1. Before we got dogs, anytime (and I mean ANYTIME) a canine would appear on TV, you could catch him with a huge grin on his face. 2. His high pitched 'Lucy' voice (what he thinks Lucy is thinking) 3. He's a fantastic artist and even his scribbles are inspired. I have a collection of them in my office that I'm not sure he's aware of. 4. He'd do anything for his friends 5. His strange yet touching relationship with Jeff the Cat 6. Everyone knows Ryan's a funny guy, but sometimes he makes me laugh more because he's just cracked himself up than because of what he's just said 7. His passion for comics 8. The way he'll fight for me when I'm too sick to do it for myself 9. His friendship when we were isolated in Arizona for 4 years 10. His encouragement for me to k