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Off to Doug and Kristen's Wedding

Ryan and I leave this evening for California. Yesterday I got a call from my mom (who is already out there) informing me that Kristen was back in the hospital from an infection at her surgery site. Yeesh, the poor girl can't catch a break. Anyway, she was supposed to just have to stay overnight and be released today, but who knows with these things. I'll be keeping my fingers tightly crossed. Hang in there, Kristen - we love you! See you soon!

Wigged and Thank You CBS

My biggest phobia in the world is scorpions. I dislike spiders, but even a picture of a scorpion gives me the massive willies. About 15 minutes ago, I was minding my own business, watching the Emmys, surfing the Interwebs, petting a sleeping Scout, when I glanced up and saw a 3 inch prehistoric looking scorpion hanging out over the fireplace. Without moving an inch I summoned Ryan from upstairs. While I cowered outside with the dogs, Ryan thankfully took care of the situation. I believe this involved flipping the scorpion onto the floor and smashing it to a pulp repeatedly with a shoe. I cannot thank him enough for this act of bravery. Now I am looking up every 20 seconds or so to do a room check. I am so wigged out. I'm going to have nightmares and not be able to sleep. I don't even want to walk on the floor. I know. I have issues. In other news, I would like to send a huge, whopping THANK YOU to CBS for actually making the Emmy Awards show this year not only watcha