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Making your way in the world today, takes everything you've got

Feel better soon, Lauren!

Just got back from visiting our friend Lauren in the hospital. Lauren had a scare over the weekend when a gradually increasing stomach pain concluded in an emergency appendectomy late Saturday night. She seemed in good spirits despite some post surgery discomfort and will hopefully be released tomorrow. I am also happy to report Nurse Steven seems to be taking excellent care of her. Hope you have a speedy recovery, Lauren!

Lazy Sunday

I want to start by thanking everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! I was under the weather all week including on my birthday, so seeing all the messages from friends lifted my spirits. All in all with the party last weekend, Doug's surprise visit, and the multitude of birthday greetings it was a great 34th. Yesterday Ryan and I ventured north to IKEA in Round Rock in search of a new armoire/TV cabinet for the bedroom. The IKEA experience is always a bit of a time sink as they cleverly route you through each and every section of the store on your way to checkout. This means a trip to pick up a single item of furniture almost certainly leads to: "You know, we could really use a small table next to the stairs" "We need to consider getting an island for the kitchen" "If we get an island in the kitchen we'll have to get rid of the hutch" "If we get rid of the hutch we'll need to get something to replace the hutch in the dining room to hol