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Meep! Meep!

The first time I saw a roadrunner in real life was in Arizona. I only ever saw them when I was driving because, well, they have a habit of quickly darting in front of your car. Thus the name I suppose. They are quite cute and extremely fast, clocking up to 17 mph. Though you may have been lead to believe otherwise, they are only about 10 inches tall and not the same size as, say, a coyote. Would be terrifying if actually this size Lucy and I, in the spirit of fulfilling our New Year's resolution, have been taking walks around our neighborhood on my non-dialysis days. I've given up trying to train her to walk by my side and instead use her steam train Labrador energy for resistance training by pulling back on the leash. We take a nice, woodsy path that circles our neighborhood that takes about a half hour to complete. The past three times we've walked, without fail as we round a particular curve, we've seen a roadrunner cross the path. In exactly the same place