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Eventful Free Day at Barton Springs

Today was the first time we've been able to visit Barton Springs in about 3 weeks and it happened to be a free day. We'd already planned to head out early to try and beat the crowds, but then discovered by watching News 8 that there was no fee at the pool today, which meant to expect an absolute zoo. After swinging by the Hop-a-Long Lounge to collect Jason, we arrived poolside around 11:30. I finally got the chance to use my new $.99* float, which was nice. Floats are perfect at Barton Springs. It's too cold to remain submerged for any length of time and it gets too hot sitting up on the hill. If you're camped up on a float you can splash yourself every so often to cool off. Anyhoo, after we'd been in the water for about 10 minutes, Ryan spotted a man in distress being treated poolside. We couldn't figure out if he was having heart issues or couldn't breathe, or what, but EMS showed up and eventually carted him off. He appeared to be conscious and tal

Team Swizzlebeef

If you enjoyed Mystery Science Theater back in the day, you'll be happy to know that those same guys are still in business. They now have a website called Rifftrax (warning: site has autoplay) where you can download their commentary on a wide variety of popular films. They've recently started allowing fans to create and sell their own spoofs. The Dug and his pals jumped at the opportunity and have mocked 2 short films. They operate under the name Team Swizzlebeef and their latest offering is in my totally unbiased opinion, hilarious. Seriously, though, it's really damn funny. You can find it here . Also, here's why you will never catch me anywhere near a theater that's showing the new Transformers. Warning: massive spoilers, but does anyone care? Thanks to Doug for the link.