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The League asks Important Questions, Vol. 2

The League has provided another batch of questions to his loyal followers and since I often have difficulty coming up with material (I'm sure you haven't noticed, ahem), I'm going to jump on that like it was a delicious piece of chocolate pie. 1) What was your first car? And do you miss it? Aaaaahh the Sundance. I had a 2 door 1991 Plymouth Sundance that was blue green and had a silver stripe down the side that said....Sundance. My parents (bless them) bought it for me for my 16th birthday and I was so excited. There was a lot of jumping up and down as I recall as it was a complete surprise - not many of my friends had cars until we were seniors. That little car went through a lot: it had a tree fall on it in a storm, someone (who shall remain nameless but was NOT me) backed it into a telephone pole, the back window was broken so someone could get to my radio, and (I am not making this up) it had a pumpkin thrown through the sunroof from a 7th story balcony. My little

Local chains

So last night Ryan and I went to dinner at a popular local Austin restaurant (which in the interest of avoiding another Clambake Jake's incident we'll refer to as, let's say, "Luey's"). Recently this eatery opened a location just a hop skip and a jump from our house so we visited the new establishment to see if it would be less crowded than original recipe Luey's. It was....disappointing. The wait wasn't too bad - 25 minutes, but for a Saturday night in Austin at a crowded eatery, that's not too shabby. If we'd gone to downtown Luey's on the weekend the wait would've been an hour or more, so...there's that. As it was a pleasant night out, we plopped ourselves on a bench in their cute garden waiting area and had margaritas. Here's where the differences between original Luey's and suburban Luey's began making themselves clear. The drinks weren't BAD, per say, but just incredibly mediocre, tasting strongly of marg