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The Dot-Com Bubble

Previously on The Diagnosis My first month post-transplant was spent isolating at home, wearing a mask out to appointments (I was ahead of my time), working on my stamina by taking increasingly longer walks around the neighborhood, and being bored out of my mind. The steroids were bothering me more than they had the first time I'd received a kidney and were making me antsy. I had trouble sleeping and my mood swings were terrible. Just ask Ryan. I had high hopes for my second transplant. The doctor had given me time to be on dialysis and let the diseased first transplant finish its life. We had not used a living related donor. There were extra safety precautions post-transplant involving IV treatments (I don't remember what they were, sorry). Despite all of this, within a month it was clear the FSGS had just not gone away. It must be something outside of the kidney at work here, something embedded in my blood or DNA. I don't know, I'm not a doctor or scientist. All I do