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Change Is Good?

A few months ago, discussion started happening at my dialysis clinic about changing the operating hours and schedule. The amount of patients had dwindled recently. Other clinics have opened in our area and frankly it's been a rough year to be a dialysis patient - a number of us didn't make it. So the powers that be were determining what it would look like to reduce the number of chairs they were using, (our clinic is pretty big, y'all - it has 2 sections) therefore limiting the amount of staff there at any given time. All of this is understandable and it was just being floated as a possibility. They started asking patients how they would feel about starting at 5:30am instead of our current 6:30. My answer was a more polite version of, "No. Yeah, no" and "hard pass". I was already getting up at 5:50am three times a week, I was not going to strip an extra hour of sleep from that. But about a month passed and we heard no more of this nonsense. Perhaps they