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The New Normal

Previously on The Diagnosis After ten days of being poked and prodded at the Heart Hospital, the only long term treatment deemed necessary upon my release was the addition of blood thinners to my medication regimen. For the rest of my life. Once you start the Coumadin, you're on the Coumadin. I would need to be more careful about not banging into things, which for me was quite the challenge. Also I had added a cardiologist to my physician collection.  I settled into my dialysis routine, which was a more stable lifestyle than dealing with the last gasps of a transplant kidney. It may have been more stable, but it was time consuming and I hated it. Thankfully I didn't have much time to dwell on the misery of treatments because I was unbelievably busy. Dialysis (including the waiting room, hook up and take off) was fifteen hours a week, while work was more than forty. Whatever freetime I had left was spent planning the wedding. Because of the narrow window of availability for our