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MacBook Withdrawal: Day One/ Hurricane Ike

Yesterday I took my MacBook to the Apple store, flopped it on the counter and instructed, "fix it". They estimate it will be out of my possession anywhere from 3 to 10 days. I may need help. As you can see, I have not made it even 24 hours before hijacking Ryan's computer. Last night my eye started twitching, and I have taken to flipping channels to monitor the hurricane that they estimate will now completely bypass us. Speaking of the hurricane, it looks like it has hit Houston hard. My thoughts are with those hunkering down in Houston including the Admiral, Shannon, Josh, and little Owen, and Bug, Scott, and little Bug. Keep safe, everyone!

Reunion Recap

So I'm back from my high school reunion weekend. Yes I've been back since Sunday, but I needed a few of days to recover and flew to Houston today for an appointment. I'm also incredibly lazy. I can sum up the weekend by saying it was at the same time overwhelming and a lot of fun. I also discovered I have some blog readers I didn't know about and may have some new ones thanks to the reunion. Hi guys! It was great seeing you! Julie, or Juliana if that is your real name, I'm sorry if my blog material fails to live up to the awesome play we wrote in 6th grade. I don't have my talented writing partner to help me. My best friend from way back when, Rebecca, was nice enough to fly into Austin Wednesday. We spent a couple of days catching up and then drove up to Lawton together Friday morning. I got to meet her husband Juan (we'd met once before but very briefly), who we picked up from the Lawton airport, and see her parents and brother Philip. It was so