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The Inauguration

This is so exciting. I ran my errands early this morning so I could be home to watch the inauguration live. Lucy has lost consciousness due to her excitement Jeff the Cat, a staunch John McCain supporter, is sulking upstairs and I suspect planning his escape to Canada They keep showing shots of the crowd - 2 million they are estimating. It's mind boggling and I'm jealous of each and every one of them. Wolf Blitzer just informed us that this will be the most watched worldwide television event ever. Wow. Oh Dan Quayle. How I have completely forgotten about you. Al Gore! OOOh, they're going to show a satellite image of the mall.** OK, this is the second time in 30 minutes Soledad O'Brien has mentioned the fact that a black man's vote used to be 3/5 a normal vote. Horrible, yes, but we get it. George H.W. is looking a little fragile. What's wrong, George? You were jumping out of airplanes 3 years ago. I wonder if Hillary will be entering with Bill or with th

The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Superbowl

Oh. My. God. The Arizona Cardinals, who have been the joke of the NFL for as long as I can remember, are going to Superbowl 43. Way to go, Cards! It's been 60 years since they played in a national championship and slipped into this year's playoff season as a Wild Card with a 9-7 regular season record. Basically no one expected them to make it this far. I actually have a good Kurt Warner (the Cardinals quarterback) story. When we lived in Phoenix, we took a vacation with my parents in northern Minnesota. Ryan and I were sitting in a Starbucks at Sky Harbor Airport before our flight and noticed Warner with one of his little girls standing in line for a coffee. We mouthed 'Kurt Warner!' to each other excitedly. Then we watched him board our flight with his family and sit two rows in front of us. We giggled to each other. After meeting up with the Dug and Kristen at the Minneapolis airport, we hopped in a rental car and drove four hours north into th