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Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today is St. Patty's day, a day for drinking green beer and forgetting to wear green. Incidentally, I dressed hurriedly this morning while rushing to get Lucy to her vet appt and temporarily forgot about the holiday. By chance, I selected my most green outfit, complete with a green sweater. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, today is my brother-in-law Jason (Steanso) 's birthday. Happy Birthday, Steanso!! Jason is an awesome brother-in-law who fights for the betterment of mankind down at the Travis County courthouse. He also plays in 2 (maybe soon to be 3) bands and can cook up a mean bowl of chicken tortilla soup. I hope you have a great birthday today, Jason! (Oh, and just smile and nod while eating Cassidy's cake. Go easy on her - she's only got one paw to work with).