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Last Post Before Berkeley

This is most likely the last you'll hear from me before next week, seeing as Ryan and I are off to the Bay Area tomorrow. We'll be taking some long overdue vacation (we haven't had a trip that didn't involve being frozen in horror in our hotel room by 9/11 coverage since our honeymoon in 2000) and visiting with Doug and Kristen. The weather looks to be perfect this week - 57°-80° every day and sunny so hopefully it will be a good trip. I'm blogging at 6:30 in the morning because I got up early to shuttle my Brazil bound parents to the airport. My brain could not process the situation when my alarm went off at 5:30 and the room was pitch black. I love how the first conclusion I always make is that I must have made a mistake and set my alarm for midnight or something. I am now attempting to gnaw my way through what tastes like a three day old sausage biscuit from McDonald's. Maybe not the best decision to consume fast food when we'll be eating out all we