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The Side Effects of Elective Surgery

Part 1: The Diagnosis can be read here By the time I was in junior high it was apparent I was developing a receding chin. It was really not a big deal, a lot of people are built this way (think Carol Burnett before her surgery), but my orthodontist dad had tried everything in his arsenal to fix the problem in his own office and told me someday surgery would be an option. My mom was especially eager about this idea, probably because she had a weak chin of her own, though not nearly as pronounced, and likely felt responsible for passing that feature on to me. They had a full plan in place, that I should wait until after high school when I would be 18. I would be old enough to reasonably undergo surgery then and it would be less weird showing up at college where no one knew what I looked like. At the time I thought there was no way in hell was I voluntarily going under the knife for something cosmetic. The parents didn't press the matter and more or less dropped it. Midway through the