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Transplant One

Previously on The Diagnosis: Master List The freshman class of Trinity University had been instructed to arrive a few days before classes began for orientation. I had managed to gain sufficient weight and though my energy level was sub-par, I was deemed healthy enough to go off to college. So at the very tail end of August 1993, my parents and I loaded up the Sundance and one of their cars and we caravanned south to San Antonio.  I did not know anyone going into the semester, aside from a few stray science camp attendees that were not close friends. My roommate had been assigned by the university about a month ahead of time. Shannon had called me a few weeks before school started and we had a really great conversation. I filled her in on my medical woes and she wasn't phased in the slightest. I felt better about school already. Our suitemate, Erica, was Shannon's best friend. They had opted not to room together so they could try and meet friends. I bonded with both of them inst