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Previously on The Diagnosis Moving cross country to a new city is challenging in any situation. Making it even more difficult for me was also having to build a brand new network of trusted physicians. First I needed to establish a home base for my treatment. For a kidney patient, this starts with a good nephrologist. I contacted my Austin transplant coordinator to see if she had any recommendations. After doing some research, she came back to me with a group based in Mesa. I made the call.  The nurse was extremely helpful as I attempted to sum up my medical history. She quickly grasped that it was lengthy and complicated. "Oh, you're not an easy case are you. We'll need to put you with Dr. Smith.*" A sound plan. I was indeed not an easy case, so I would love to be seen by their most knowledgeable physician. My appointment was set before I left Austin. It would be in early June, so that would give me time to settle in before the meeting. My job started at the end of Ap