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Transplant Two

Previously on The Diagnosis By early evening on Sunday of the fateful phone call a group had assembled at Brackenridge Hospital to await my transplant. Ryan and I had arrived around noon and quickly got down to the business of getting me checked in. Heather had been notified and Heather being Heather showed up at the hospital to wait with us. Mom, using her magical American Airlines Platinum Member Powers managed to join the party by six o'clock. First matter of business as always when dealing with transplants was to draw a massive amount of blood. This was to be sent to San Antonio, which was a transplant hub for out-of-state organ donations. The kidney was coming from Utah, so, not close by. They would need to do a final match with our blood so no time would be wasted shipping a kidney cross country if it was not compatible.  Second order of business while we were waiting for lab results was a dialysis treatment for me. As I mentioned in Transplant One , the healthier you are goi