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Oh, the Carnage

I haven't done a dialysis post in a while, and it's been a semi-interesting week at the clinic, so here goes. If you are at all squeamish about blood, I'd skip part 2 of this one. We'll catch you next time. Part 1: So, Monday morning I knew right off the bat was going to be troublesome. My alarm went off, I couldn't find my glasses, and I slipped my hoodie on backwards so that the hood was covering my face. These two events incidentally are independent of each other. It's always dark when I'm getting dressed so the glasses wouldn't have helped. I ended up having to put my contacts in which I don't like to do before dialysis because it wastes time when I'm getting ready and on the off chance I can actually sleep during treatment, they make my eyes feel funny. Don't ask me what any of this has to do with how treatment goes and maybe I'm just superstitious, but it seems like something almost always goes wonky when I wake up on the wrong

Nice day

Hello. I feel like I should post something since I haven't created a substantial entry in a few weeks. Not too much going on. We're almost to the end of Steans family birthday season. Karen, Jason, and I all have March birthdays and Ryan's is coming up in April. I had a very nice birthday weekend. We went to Peter Pan mini golf Saturday, at which Ryan most assuredly kicked my ass. The weather was great and we had a good time. After the golfing, we headed to Trudy's where Heather and I proceeded to get shnookered on Mexican martinis. Those things are deadly. Ryan and I are tentatively planning on executing Part 2 of the Marinade challenge Thursday night, so hopefully I'll have that ready to go sometime next week. What else? Not a whole lot. I think Lucy is hungry. She's looking at me like Stains the Dog: Hope everyone is having a good day!