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Fall TV is back

Ah, the bleak summer days without scripted television are drawing to a close (although I do have to send a high five to ABC Family for bringing us fresh programming in the form of The Middleman ). No longer are we left to choose between reality shows, reruns, and the Netflix DVDs which have been gathering dust for a month. Slowly our DVR is showing new signs of life, the red light appearing more frequently, replenishing its stash of brand spanking new tv shows. Here's what's currently on my set list: Monday: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles . I really dig this show, despite being skeptical after viewing the pilot last year. Could they possibly sustain the suspense of an action movie and any semblance of a plot? Yep. Oh, and by the way? Yes that is Brian Austin "You're so Precious to Me" Green. He's actually pretty good in this. The Big Bang Theory . We watch mainly because of Steans family friend Jim Parsons, but it's also quite entertain

Props to Apple

Oh, happy day. I was up in my office this morning, sorting through neglected files, enjoying a mocha and monitoring the fluctuating canine/feline hostility level out on my sunny balcony when I heard the rumblings of a FedEx truck pulling up outside the house. With a squeal usually reserved for kittens at PetSmart, I jumped up and flew down the stairs. Could it possibly be my MacBook, returning to me after just 4 days? Seriously. I just dropped the thing off at the "Genius Bar" (Really, Apple? Could you be any more pretentious?) on Friday. That's like 2 business days. And they sent the thing to Tennessee for repair. Anyway, color me impressed, and it's more than a little sad how thrilled I am to have my computer back.