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Previously on The Diagnosis: Master List After the transplant I settled into learning how to function as a human again and the spring of 1994 was uneventful. In April I got to go for a weekend to visit my buddies at Trinity and take care of some business, getting my summer school classes approved, meeting with my advisor, and taking my place aside my roommate for the next year to secure a room in our preferred dorm. I would be suitemating with Shannon and Erica and rooming with our friend Leslie. Transferring entry level classes was fairly easy and I was going to be getting two of them out of the way from Cameron University at home in Lawton that summer. At that point I had just twelve hours at Trinity under my belt and I was woefully behind. By mid-way through July summer school was over. My mother was a planner and spontaneity was not her strong suit, so when she did something unexpected it was delightful. Doug and my dad started a tradition of going on a week long canoe trip in the