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Fall TV season

I may actually have too many shows lined up to watch this fall. In addition to my regular fare, there are some new things I'd like to at least check out. Also: Fox threw a curve ball and added a fall season of So You Think You Can Dance which, airing 3 hours a week, is a major time sink. After last year's writers strike debacle and the usual summer tv wasteland, this scenario should make me happy. But too much tv is never a good thing, so I'll have to cut back somewhere. Here's what I'm watching (In order of premiere date): Mad Men (Premiered 2 weeks ago) Glad I finally jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon. If you're watching, you already know how good it is. If you're not, you're probably sick of people telling you how good it is. I'll say no more. Project Runway (Premiered last week) Project Runway finally got it's legal mess straightened out with Lifetime emerging victorious over Bravo. I do feel the long break has been good for the show a