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Hi from Berkeley

Kristen was nice enough to let me borrow her computer, so I thought I'd say hi. Hi! The trip so far has been great - weather beautiful. I'd try to get Ryan to move here if it weren't so damn expensive and if we hadn't just had the floors done. (I keed. I love Austin, too) Wednesday night we walked (Yes walked! With our legs!) down to a yummy Thai restaurant. Yesterday morning Doug and I (Kristen had to be in court for the morning) went to breakfast and after consuming a fresh out of the oven almond danish, some bacon, and a mocha, I nearly slipped into a food coma. After that we drove up to Tilden Park to take in the sunshine and beautiful views. We had tickets to go see Alcatraz at 4, so when Kristen got home we took off around 2, thinking that would give us plenty of time. There are many great things about mass transit, but one unfortunate aspect is unreliability. After taking the BART across to San Francisco, our plan was to catch a cable car down to the w

Sorry for lack of posts

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting. The renovations downstairs have kept me away from my computer and unfortunately that trend is going to continue until next week. Today is a busy day with movers coming, an afternoon dialysis session pushed up from Wednesday morning, and some packing. Tomorrow I take off to visit the Dug and Kristen and their cats, Digger and Dixie in Berkeley, CA. I'm hoping to actually SEE Dixie this time and that she doesn't spend the entire 5 days under Doug's bed. Also just wanted to wish my absolute best to Shannon and Erica. I wish I lived closer to Houston. Love you guys and I'll be thinking of you!