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Option Paralysis

Anyone who knows me pretty well is aware of the fact that I sometimes have issues with making decisions. I say "sometimes" because there are miraculous occasions where a choice becomes very clear to me. Thankfully, these are usually decisions that carry some sort of importance, like choosing a house, car, or even my wedding dress. My problem occurs when faced with an endless array of options and my ultimate decision matters zilch in the grand scheme of things. Examples include: Choosing a paint colors for rooms , forcing the application of said paint to be pushed back months or even years. Shopping for anything in a department store . The sensory overload makes me uncomfortable and panicky. This is also why I try to avoid malls at all possible. Choosing a blog topic . Crikey is this a problem for me. I can't tell you how many different ideas I've discarded in just the past week. The most common advice of course is write what you know. Well, honestly my life