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Phoenix Pheresis Phunzone

Previously on  The Diagnosis We spent four years in Phoenix and much of it is difficult for me to remember. There are moments that stand out, episodes like the Sed Rate business and a few hospitalizations that will stick with me forever. The middle part of our residence has congealed into a blur of plasmapheresis and migraines and ER trips and hospital stays that are now hard to peel apart. The pheresis and migraines had somewhat of a symbiotic relationship. It got to a point where every time I had a treatment I could count on having a migraine that night. Or the migraine would present itself in the middle of pheresis in the form of nausea and make the experience more unpleasant. I've decided to split this section into two parts, because there's just too much for one post. I will jump back and forth a bit on the timeline, so I'll be discussing my three years on pheresis here and then my ordeal with the migraines in the next chapter. Hopefully that will make the story easier