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Taste Test: Soda Marinade Series: Part 2

What you've all been waiting for: Part 2 of our Soda Marinade Taste Test Bon appetit (Part 1 Here )

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

A post which deserves to be much longer will unfortunately be abbreviated because I am typing with only my left hand. Troubles strikes again! The elephant table that used to live in the bedroom got banished to the hallway to make room for the new exercise bike. I took one look at it there and said, "I'm going to smack my leg on that". Sure enough. The elephant heads that make up the legs of the table are right at shin level. I am now using my right hand to apply ice pressure to the leg. ANYWHOO Today is Ryan's birthday! We had a fun party for him this weekend and will celebrate more this evening. I hope he enjoys the alpaca I got him, although I don't think Scout likes it too much. Ryan, I hope you have a wonderful day. I love, love, love you and couldn't ask for a better partner in crime! Here is a great post from Chronological Snobbery listing Ryan's best posts on his retired League of Melbotis blog.