Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Option Paralysis

Anyone who knows me pretty well is aware of the fact that I sometimes have issues with making decisions. I say "sometimes" because there are miraculous occasions where a choice becomes very clear to me. Thankfully, these are usually decisions that carry some sort of importance, like choosing a house, car, or even my wedding dress.

My problem occurs when faced with an endless array of options and my ultimate decision matters zilch in the grand scheme of things. Examples include:

Choosing a paint colors for rooms, forcing the application of said paint to be pushed back months or even years.

Shopping for anything in a department store. The sensory overload makes me uncomfortable and panicky. This is also why I try to avoid malls at all possible.

Choosing a blog topic. Crikey is this a problem for me. I can't tell you how many different ideas I've discarded in just the past week. The most common advice of course is write what you know. Well, honestly my life just isn't that interesting. I read a lot and see a good number of movies but have always been horrible at reviews. Beyond telling you whether or not I liked a book or movie I can give you maybe a few comments to back up my opinion but three sentences does not a movie review make. Like if you asked me how I liked Wolverine I would say: "hilariously awful". Star Trek: "loads of fun, but made not a lick of sense". See?

Choosing a 'project'. There are many undesirable 'spring cleaning' type projects in my house that I keep managing to avoid. These include: cleaning out the many cabinets in the kitchen as to prevent objects from beaning you when opening the doors; going through my clothes and making a box for Goodwill; making sense of the piles of crap I've formed in my office. Any time I start thinking of any of these projects, I suddenly start thinking of ALL of them and then my brain freezes up and I go fold some clothes. I seriously need a personal project manager. I did much better when I was a peon at a company and someone was giving me instructions. I am a good worker bee.

Obviously I have issues, but A) don't we all and B) this is a blog - nature's virtual psychiatrist's couch. Hopefully, admitting I have a problem is a good step in the right direction.