Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reunion Recap

So I'm back from my high school reunion weekend. Yes I've been back since Sunday, but I needed a few of days to recover and flew to Houston today for an appointment. I'm also incredibly lazy.

I can sum up the weekend by saying it was at the same time overwhelming and a lot of fun. I also discovered I have some blog readers I didn't know about and may have some new ones thanks to the reunion. Hi guys! It was great seeing you! Julie, or Juliana if that is your real name, I'm sorry if my blog material fails to live up to the awesome play we wrote in 6th grade. I don't have my talented writing partner to help me.

My best friend from way back when, Rebecca, was nice enough to fly into Austin Wednesday. We spent a couple of days catching up and then drove up to Lawton together Friday morning. I got to meet her husband Juan (we'd met once before but very briefly), who we picked up from the Lawton airport, and see her parents and brother Philip. It was so great to see them again and spend some time in their house where I spent so much time while growing up.

Friday night we met up before the game at our friend Lori's parents' house - thanks to Lori and her folks for hosting us! This is where the majority of squealing and hugging occurred. But Kyle soon settled down.

Christy is not at all trying to compensate for her 'bad shoe choice'. Her words, not mine.

Kevin and Chet, estimating just how hungover Kevin will be in the morning

Catherine, Rebecca, Kristi, me, and Elizabeth, hoping this night will bear no resemblance to the slumber party I had when I turned 10. We're off to a good start with 100% less 'Material Girl'.

Me, Julie, Elizabeth, and Daniel. Daniel, currently residing in Kuwait, wins the prize for most ridiculous distance traveled.

Aaaaaaaaand we lost. Again.

I'm a little disappointed as I thought I took more pictures than I ended up with. Luckily there were about 50 other cameras so our bases were covered.

I went to high school with a great group of people, and even though we were forced together then based on mutual zip codes, we genuinely still like each other and continue to be friends by choice in the real world. It was comforting to me to see how well everyone is doing. We've scattered around the country from D.C. to L.A. and have attorneys, TV editors, political lobbyists, and medical researchers among us. We've built families and have children (or dogs). The highlight of the weekend for me was watching the smiles on my friends' faces as they told of their child's upcoming first birthday or relayed how they met their significant others.

Let's not let another 15 years pass us by - who's up for next year?

I leave you with the quote of the weekend from one of my favorite teachers when asked how he still enjoyed teaching:
"The kids are all a**holes".


Steanso said...

Looks fun! Your friends look pretty cool (Ryan had told me that you were home schooled and had only squirrels and chipmunks for friends until you were 18).
You should make sure the Lawton crew knows how to look you up if any of them ever pass through Austin!

mcsteans said...

Oh, they know where to find me.

Lauren said...

That last picture is my favorite of you! Look at that big smile! I love it. Glad you had a good time, welcome back and it was fun seeing you last night even if at the other end of the table. So many chairs twain us we'd found.

btw, I totally dig that you blog. Rock on blogette!

Dug said...

GO WOLVERINES--oh, we lost?


Anonymous said...


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