Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kristen in the hospital

So 2 weeks before the wedding, my brother's fiancé, Kristen, has landed herself in the hospital for a good spell. I guess she twisted part of her intestines and has to have some minor surgery to remove that part. When I last heard from Doug (last night), they still weren't sure if the surgery was going to be last night or this morning so I'm hoping the operation went/goes well.

As these things go, on the whole the hardest part is rarely the surgery itself. Apparently K will have to remain in the hospital for a number of days for recovery where she won't be able to eat or drink anything. Boredom and feeling helpless and trapped is often the worst part of any hospital stay.

What a thing to happen so close to the wedding. I'm sure she's already stressed enough. It's times like these I wish I could be there to help out, to do something. I do know that Kristen and Doug have a large network of great friends in the Bay area who I'm sure will be able to assist them this week, and that does make me feel better.

Kristen you are in my thoughts and we all (even Lucy, Jeff, and Scout) love you lots. Get better soon!

ETA: My mom just called - apparently Kristen had her surgery at midnight last night and it went well.


The League said...

I know Doug will take care of her. He's had good practice with Troubles.

Here's to Kristen feeling better soon.

Jason said...

Get well quickly Kristen! The Lone Star Steans Clan is thinking of you!!!