The Crud

I've been sick since Saturday and whatever I have is showing no signs of slowing down. I thought it was allergies until Monday, when I started feeling achy. What's worse, Ryan walked in the door yesterday at 4:00 announcing that he also had the crud. He stayed home from work today and is upstairs hibernating.

This is not good. We're supposed to be leaving for the Dug's wedding in exactly one week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this passes quickly.

The good news is, Kristen got out of the hospital yesterday and is resting at home. It looks like she'll be able to attend her own wedding. Hooray!


The League said…
Thanks for sharing your virus. I am so glad we can do this together.
J.S. said…
I deny these allegations. And clearly it must not be the same sickness, since my version was just a mild, minor annoyance- not something that would cause someone to miss several days of work... ;-)

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