Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day/ Star Trekkin'

Happy early Mother's Day to both my mom, Judy, and my mother-in-law, Karebear (and to any and all other mothers out there). I really couldn't be more blessed to have two moms who would do anything for me and who are both such fun to be around. I love you both very much! Unfortunately Karebear won't be in town this weekend, but I'm taking my mom (and dad) out in style tomorrow to go see Star Trek at the Alamo.

A very young League wants you to live long and prosper

Thursday, May 7, 2009

dumb. dumb, dumb, dumb. And some 'Lost'.

Well, I stepped on a rock this morning while walking Lucy and twisted my foot. Yay. I'm sure nothing's broken, but having learned my lesson last time*, I flopped on the couch with an ice pack as soon as we got home.

*Last time being when I kicked the wall while playing with Lucy indoors (we now have a ball outside only rule), then proceeded to spend all day walking around at Eeyore's Birthday making it 10 times worse and ending up in the ER that night.

So here I am, not doing all the things I need to get done on a dialysis-free day. Not mowing the yard. Not ironing clothes. Not helping my mom clean. (What? She wanted to come! Really!) I need to let it go. The world will not end.

Anyone catch Lost last night? As the season's penultimate episode, I thought it was pretty good, but inferior to last season's next to last episode masterpiece.

I'll have to watch it again, but it just seemed underwhelming to me - from the lack of epic musical themes to the hilariously bad CGI submarine. It just felt like a lot of people getting smacked around and little plot development.

This would have looked amazing in 1992.






Ok, that should be enough room. Soooo, I REALLY don't get Jack's plan and I'm not entirely sure Jack gets Jack's plan. They're going to make it so that the plane never crashed?

a) If this show ends up making it so that NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED, I will be SERIOUSLY pissed. You and I will be done professionally, show. Well, I suppose we'd be done anyway since the show is almost over, but still.

b) I realize that many people died on the flight as well as many additional red shirts in their time on the island, but the show made a huge point of telling us how crappy most of the characters lives were before the crash.

c) Detonating a hydrogen bomb. What could go wrong?

d) Jack has never made a bad decision before, right? Right?

Here's to hoping Jack's plan goes as well as all his previous plans have.

I'm not one of those people who keep complaining about not getting answers fast enough - the show's got another whole season, they're not going to spill everything yet. Still, I felt like we learned very little this go around.

I don't mean to give the impression that I disliked the episode. It had a lot of good Losty stuff like Hurley being hilarious and Ben making great Ben faces, but Lost has set the bar so high for itself that I was expecting to be blown away. I'm just now expecting next week's finale to be even better. I honestly just feel unsatisfied, like I have absolutely no idea where this show is heading. But really, that's probably exactly where the producers want us to be. And if the payoff next week is worth all the confusion? I'll forgive them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Happy Birthday to my awesome friend Rebecca, who turns 35 today! We have officially now known each other for 30 years, which means she has more embarrassing dirt on me than any other of my friends.

Exhibit A: Our band, 'Skunk Junk', circa 1982.

Rebecca was like a sister to me growing up and we still have a blast every time we're together. She's the most fun loving person I know and deserves a fantastic birthday. Love you, Rebecca!