Ryan turns 34

Today is Ryan's 34th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan enjoys a bowl of Superman cereal

And because everyone loves lists, I have composed a list of 34 things I love about Ryan:

1. Before we got dogs, anytime (and I mean ANYTIME) a canine would appear on TV, you could catch him with a huge grin on his face.
2. His high pitched 'Lucy' voice (what he thinks Lucy is thinking)
3. He's a fantastic artist and even his scribbles are inspired. I have a collection of them in my office that I'm not sure he's aware of.
4. He'd do anything for his friends
5. His strange yet touching relationship with Jeff the Cat
6. Everyone knows Ryan's a funny guy, but sometimes he makes me laugh more because he's just cracked himself up than because of what he's just said
7. His passion for comics
8. The way he'll fight for me when I'm too sick to do it for myself
9. His friendship when we were isolated in Arizona for 4 years
10. His encouragement for me to keep in touch with friends
11. He's 6'5'' but wouldn't hurt a flea
12. The way he knows and accepts that if I'm grumpy or quiet it probably means I'm tired or don't feel well
13. The way he has been 100% supportive of my early retirement
14. How he goes out of his way to help strangers
15. He'll find himself fascinated by some dumb movie late at night on cable, end up watching the entire thing, then recap it in a hilarious manner making it far more interesting than the actual movie
16. Is a great listener
17. Has a creepy good memory (though sometimes this quality does not always serve me well)
18. Knows exactly what I need when I'm in the hospital - from making me laugh when I'm nervous, to quietly holding my hand when I'm too tired or sick to make conversation
19. Has great taste in music which comes in handy on car trips
20. Shares my hatred of the demonic foods bleu cheese and brussels sprouts
21. Makes a mean pork chop
22. Made it to black belt in tae kwon do
23. Named the Chinese Elm he just planted in our backyard "Chairman Mao"
24. Wouldn't let me quit when the company I wanted to work for post college wouldn't call me back. I got the job.
25. Wants to star in a reality show with Jason similar to Ghosthunters except they would hunt ghosts in the daytime and run screaming from the building at the slightest noise
26. Keeps us all entertained with the League of Melbotis, now in its 6th year
27. The way he absolutely LOVES Halloween...
28. and a good turkey
29. Will dance at weddings with me
30. His love of all things Superman
31. Will spend Friday evenings with me eating take out and watching shows we've DVRed because I'm too tired to do anything else
32. That he brought me to Austin and introduced me to decent breakfast tacos and Barton Springs
33. His infectious laugh
34. He brought Mel into my life

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Ryan. I love you lots!!

Edited to change date, thanks Jason


J.S. said…
Uh, good list, but isn't his birthday actually on the 12th? I'm guessing you wrote this on the 11th, posted it on the 12th, and didn't change the date. Blogger will screw ya like that...
Dug said…
Hear, hear! Happy Birthday!
Erica said…
so sweet!

happy belated Ryan!

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