Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics: Day 2

Perhaps it is Olympics: Day 1? It's the first day of competition, second day of Olympics.

We watched the opening ceremonies from Beijing last night and almost made it through the entire event. The performance portion was amazing, with thousands of Chinese citizens participating. Things slowed down when they got to the parade of athletes. While it was interesting to see all the countries, many of which I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never heard of, that part took about 2 hours. It was amusing to note the slow decrease in enthusiasm of the bouncing girls whose job it was to line the marching path and cheer on the athletes. Also hilarious was the shot of George Bush checking his watch. We sadly didn't make it to the torch lighting, but it was impressive:

That's alotta fireworks

This morning I'm switching channels between NBC, MSNBC, and USA. NBC is showing women's volleyball, with team USA doing unsurprisingly well against Japan (sorry, Japan). We have a girl who's 6' 7''. Awesome.
Update: Japan is making a comeback in the second set. Touché, Japan.

MSNBC is showing handball, which I've never seen, and USA (the network not the country) is airing Dressage, or as I call it: Horsie Dancing. I'm kind of mesmerized by Horsie Dancing. How do you teach a horse to do that? Do you just throw on some Kenny Loggins and see what happens?

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Mel's sideways gait makes him a natural for Dressage


Steanso said...

I'm not sure Mel's drunken stumbling should be confused with dancing.

mcsteans said...

Have you seen Dressage? Because it looks exactly like drunken horse stumbling.

meredith said...

Drunken horse stumbling to Kenny G....Kenny Loggins is good, but Kenny G is more along the speed of dressage... :)

Dug said...

Kristen has dressage experience, perhaps she'll grace us with her thoughts.

I believe her horsie dancing song was "Funkytown".

kristen said...

I never quite advanced to the level of Lipps, Inc. (Doug told me they sang "Funkytown," I am not responsible for any wrong information contained herein.) We weren't quite music-worthy yet. It was pretty sweet though. Also, my horse's name was Sunday, which made that caption especially awesome.

(This just in- Doug is looking up Funkytown on the Google. He has informed me that there is no comma in "Lipps Inc.") The world is now safe for horsie dancing.