Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is a So You Think You Can Dance post. If you don't give a darn, you are dismissed. We'll catch you next time.

So...last night's show. I was thoroughly unimpressed. Toni Basil is one of their worst judges in my opinion and I'm really getting tired of Mary's screaming so I was fast forwarding through the judging portions for the most part. Here is my take on the dancing:

Karla and Jonathan: Hip Hop (Dave Scott)
I'm sad to say after last week's gorgeous routine that these two offered up the weakest dance of the night. I think Jonathan is cute as a button and impressed me last week, but with the hip yai yai. That was....not good. Karla was okay, but I wasn't even invested enough in the choreography to sit still through the whole thing. I went to let Cassidy inside towards the end and didn't feel like I missed anything. I fear Jonathan may be leaving us this week.

Asuka and Vitolio: Jazz (Mandy Moore)
I just cannot get excited about these two. I haven't so far liked anything they've done and kind of can't stand Asuka. I know! I'm a terrible person! I'm sure she's a very sweet girl but she bugs. While she's not everyone's cup of tea, I usually really dig Mandy Moore routines but this one was for lack of a better word, boring. For starters, Pat Benatar is not the easiest music to dance to, and when you add uncharismatic dancing it makes for a forgettable routine.

Melissa and Ade: Rumba (Tony Meredith)
Finally, a good dance. I just love these two. I'll reserve judgement until I see them do hip hop, but I'm getting close to declaring they can do no wrong. They're both beautiful dancers and handled the rumba with maturity and strength. Bravo.

Janette and Brandon: Hip Hop (Dave Scott)
Nice! To be fair, I thought this was a better choreographed piece than the first one, but on top of that the dancing was terrific. I'm not sure I was totally on board with the whole 'rocker' thing Janette was instructed to do, but she danced well and Brandon really surprised me. I thought Phillip was the only one left on the show that could pull off hip hop but I'm happy to say I was wrong.

Kayla and Kupono: Viennese Waltz (Jean-Marc Genereux)
Technically proficient as far as I could tell. I like Kayla a whole lot better without Max and I like Kupono, I've just never been blown away by a Viennese Waltz on this show aside from Danny and Lacey in the season 3 final 4.

Randi and Evan: Contemporary (Mia Michaels)
As much as I dislike Mia as a judge for her rudeness, she's my favorite choreographer. She's been responsible for my favorite group routines from each of the past 3 seasons and has rarely misfired on the competition pieces. So add Randi and Evan to the mix, who are two of my favorites, and you've got a great routine. And anything that inspires Cat to exclaim: "Zoot Alors!" has to be the best of the night:

Yeah I thought the butt thing was weird, too

Caitlin and Jason: Paso Doble (Jean-Marc Genereux)
I do not understand the tongue bath given these two by the judges. I thought everything about this dance was too big. The music, the costumes, the choreography all seemed to overwhelm these dancers. Add their total lack of chemistry to the mix and I don't know how much longer we'll be seeing these two.

Jeanine and Phillip: Broadway (Tyce Diorio)
I've never been a fan of the broadway routines on this show. I have nothing against broadway style in general, but it never seems to come across as strongly on this small stage. This one was done to *"Moses Supposes" from Singing in the Rain (one of my all time favorite movies) and contained a couch as a prop in an homage to the film. Aside from the impressive stunt of Phillip clearing the couch lenghwise with a running jump, it was just cute and ok.

*I once did a tap dance to this song in 9th grade and hated this song with a passion until I saw it in the movie.

Should go home: Phillip and Asuka
Will go home: Jonathan and Asuka

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