Puppy Summer Camp

Jason is off to London until the end of next week, so we're keeping Cassidy for a while. I'm trying to come up with some camp activities for the girls (Lucy and Cassidy) but it's a little hard to do archery or crafts when you lack opposable thumbs. Maybe we'll take them swimming this weekend.

We started off pretty well last night, with Miss Cassidy only waking me up once at 4 this morning for a bathroom break. That was fine other than I for some reason could not get back to sleep for a while afterwards. Maybe because I couldn't get Duran Duran's "Rio" out of my head, which is strange because I haven't heard that song in months.

I was a bit worried about how Cassidy and Jeff the Cat would get along for 10 days. I brought out the baby gate for the stairs last night to give Jeff a refuge, but he stupidly refuses to stay upstairs. Cat + curiosity = dead cat.

So far, so good, however. To my astonishment, Cassidy actually allowed Jeff to drink from the watering hole this morning:

Dogs and cats, living together!

Anyway, I hope Jason has a great time in Europe (he's spending a couple of days in Paris as well) and comes back sporting a monogrammed beret and/or a barrister's wig. It's going to be awfully quiet in the comments section for the next two weeks.


J.S. said…
I'm not gone yet!! Also, I think you worry about Jeff more than Jeff worries about Cassidy. Cassidy is all bark and no bite, and Jeff's a brawler. Call The Admiral's cell phone if there are any problems!
mcsteans said…
I'm not actually worried about Jeff, but the brawling can get annoying (and I'm *definitely* not saying Jeff isn't the instigator). Can't we all just get along?

Have a great trip!
Dug said…
Poor Jeff! He is so misunderstood.

I think the puppies should at least have to vote on a name for their cabin/group.

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