Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weight Training. Now with more cat

So there was this article on this morning about using your pet to help you exercise. I assumed this was a "yeah no kidding" piece on how walking your dog is good for you. A portion of the article did, in fact, discuss this revolutionary idea.

I have to admit, I'm currently getting more out of my Lucy walks than I'd ever imagined. We go for about 2 miles on this nice woodsy trail that circles the neighborhood, 4 times a week (dialysis days I don't make any promises). Walking Lucy is like trying to walk a steam train. For being such a runty little Lab, she's a little powerhouse. We gave up about a year ago trying to train her to walk properly so I'm using this to my advantage and getting great resistance training for my arms out of it. I know, I know, the Dog Whisperer would be appalled. Whatever, Cesar, it's great exercise.

The other half of the article was focused on using your cat in your workout. I'd definitely seen this before, mainly on YouTube, but didn't realize kitty weightlifting had taken off. If you're interested you can learn all about it at Really. My hat's off to cat exercise pioneers for their creativity, but I'll have to wait until I get a more willing kitty friend before I'd even think about it.

The closest I've come to trying to exercise with Jeff the Cat was when I used to tie a long string to the back of my pants while doing housework. No kidding - he loved it. But attempting to use him as a feline barbell? Not a chance in hell.

If I tried pressing Jeff the Cat I'd be pulling back a stump


Jason said...

I think you could use Jeff to do some curls or other weightlifting. You just need to use oven mitts. And thick, long sleeve garments. And arm pads. And maybe some sort of bulletproof vest. Hazmat suit might also help.

Steven said...

So you were amusing Jeff by imitating the largest mouse ever?