Summer Olympics are coming!

I'm a sucker for the Olympics and am looking forward to what has traditionally been exciting television. The games have admittedly had a rocky history, with politics occasionally interfering, but the idealist in me loves watching the world attempt to set aside differences for two weeks every two years.

I was lucky enough when I was 12 to be able to attend the 88 Winter Olympics in Alberta, Canada. My Aunt and Uncle (hi Helen and Hans!) at the time lived in the host city, Calgary, and were gracious enough to invite the McBrides up for a visit. We went to a couple of hockey games, attempted to see skiing (which was postponed that day due to weather, but my brother and cousin and I still had fun sliding down the snowy mountain), and attended pairs and men's figure skating. The highlight for me was seeing the much advertised "Battle of the Brians" between Brian Boitano and Canadian Brian Orser from our nosebleed seats.

What would Brian Boitano do?

I will watch pretty much any Olympic sport on television, but I love how everyone has their favorite events. Much to Ryan's chagrin, my favorites are ice skating and gymnastics. Ryan much prefers luge, track and field, and women's beach volleyball ( *cough*). Heather, pressed for another favorite aside from the awesome ice skating and gymnastics, thought of speed skating and diving. Nicole has warned us that her passion for swimming sometimes escalates to screaming level (I'm looking forward to witnessing this).

Nicole must have been a competitive swimmer in a past life

Ryan and I have had many arguments over whether or not ice skating and gymnastics should be included as "sports", but we are both puzzled by the inclusion of synchronized swimming and trampoline.

Hey, you! I know you! I know you!

What are some of your favorites?


J.S. said…
I just look forward to the rehashing of the tired ol' arguments about whether gymnastics is a legitimate sport. Do they ever show Tae kwon do or judo on TV?
The League said…
TKD is also not a sport. It is a LETHAL KILLING SYSTEM. And the answer is, they do show TKD and Judo, but its always buried in some goofy timeframe.

Me, I'll be watching Walsh and May-Treanor. Because I like sporting competition.
JAL said…
Ha! I haven't thought of that skit in ages. "Who would want to wear bronze anyway?"
Anonymous said…
I am a sucker for the Olympics. I love to watch 'em, especially now in high-def at home.

During 2004, I really got into watching the Sailing and Dressage coverage on Bravo, if you can believe it.

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