Who are you?

Confession time. This is a biggie, too, not "I secretly like bacon on toast with jelly". Which I do.

Some of you know this already, but the summer after I graduated high school I had elective jaw surgery to correct a weak chin and gummy smile. Talk of doing this surgery began when I was around junior high age, but I hadn't honestly given it much thought back then for two reasons:

A) I thought plastic surgery was for losers
B) I was scared pantsless about having major surgery

By the time my senior year rolled around and I'd had a supper crappy year healthwise, I was no longer scared at the thought of major surgery and said "Why the hell not?". Summer after graduation seemed the logical time to alter my features since I was moving to a college where I knew no one and could avoid awkward stares and questions. And so as of June 10, 1993, there became 2 Troubles:

Old Troubles circa 1990. What is with the dolphin, you ask? That is an uninteresting tale for another day. It's also the only old picture I had of myself lying around the house.

New Troubles circa this year. With Mel. Mel had surgery on his jaw, too, by the way. Mel knows how it is.

For years this was my little secret, with only select friends knowing the truth. It's hard for people who know me now to visualize what I used to look like, Ryan especially. He's seen old pictures and feels as though he's looking at an entirely different person. It's also weird for those that knew me growing up to see me now. For years I used this to my advantage. Every time I went home to Lawton to visit my folks I could move around town undetected and avoid the question of "what did you do to yourself" by virtue of no one being able to recognize me on first glance.

Now it's a problem. A week from now I'll be driving back to Lawton with my best childhood friend Rebecca (hard to believe, but we've known each other almost 30 years) to attend an impromptu high school reunion. We're going to be attending the Lawton High - Eisenhower football game. It's not an official reunion, although this would technically be my 15th. I think we'll have people who graduated '92, '93, '94 and maybe more. I pretty much haven't talked to anyone I graduated with in 15 years, but over the past year something great happened -- Facebook. All of a sudden, people I graduated high school with started popping out of the woodwork and someone got the idea that "hey, wouldn't it be great to see everyone again?". Thus, the impromptu reunion.

So the question remains. Is anyone going to recognize me and if so, are they going to ask, "what the hell happened to you?"

I'm a little wary, but am still extremely excited to see everyone. Will report back after the trip.

Eagles suck! Go Wolverines!


J.S. said…
I like how she's so casual about swimming with the dolphins, like, "Oh yeah, didn't I mention that I was the crown princess of Atlantis before I married Ryan? Every day the dolphins would deliver me home from school, and a series of octopi and seahorse courtesans used to serve me my dinner. No big deal..."

By the way, I've seen a couple of these old pictures now, and although the difference is noticeable, I don't think you look like a whole different person (or- we love new Jamie, but old Jamie was cute, too!!).
Meredith said…
You look great and will be shocked at the reunion at how others have changed too....and maybe not for the better. I think it's just natural for people to wonder how others have changed over time too. But, trust me, you have nothing to worry about. Have a ball and enjoy seeing all those old friends!!! Those opportunities don't come around often enough!
The League said…
Jamie was lovely when I met her. She was also lovely before the surgery. I am also certain I'd have been nuts about her either way.

I am also thrilled Jamie will have a chance to see her old high school pals. Especially if she refuses to change out of her old drill team uniform the whole time.
Anonymous said…
I thought your secret was going to announce that you are actually a figment of Ryan's imagination.
Ellen said…
Last October I went back to my hometown for my 20-year high school reunion. I grew up in a tiny mostly blue collar refinery town on the Texas coast.

I had real mixed emotions going there. My parents moved in when I was in college, so I really don't see any of those people much. And, of course, I was returning with my wife!

Turns out, everybody was totally sweet and friendly. People even acknowledged that it must have been scary for me to make the trip, and they welcomed me back (and Kyre) with open arms. I was surprised; people were much less judgmental than I expected.

Here are some other things to remember:

- EVERYONE is slightly terrified, at least, of the reunion situation.

- EVERYONE will look different. Some people will be unrecognizable. Nobody will talk too much about it, because it's way too awkward.
mcsteans said…
Thanks for the pep talk, Ellen - I'll try to remember that!

So glad your own homecoming went so well!
Blah-gger said…
at least you'll have me there to make fun of people with. and please wear the highstepper (drill team) uniform.
mcsteans said…
If only I still had the hat.....
J.S. said…
I wonder if Jamie had a good time on her trip to Lawton? Sure would be interesting to hear about that...

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