Crazy week

Next week should be interesting. We're having our downstairs redone -- trading our cheap, crappy linoleum and dirty, pet stained carpets for stained and scored cement. We're also having the walls painted. I'm excited about this transformation, but the logistics are not simple. Right now we're in the process of slowly moving all non furniture items upstairs. The movers are coming Monday morning to transfer all of our furniture, Tetris style, into the garage.

Because the downstairs will be off limits for the week, we'll have to relocate ourselves and the pets. Jeff the Cat will be jailed upstairs in the master bedroom, while the rest of us may be camped out at Hop-a-Long Lounge with Jason and Cassidy.

Also next week: my parents are making their official move from Oklahoma to San Marcos. My mom says packing is going relatively smoothly, perhaps eased by their carting of Ford Escape Hybrid-loads of items down during the past year.

I hope they have room for their kitties with the next load

I'm looking forward to having them nearby. It will be great to be able to pop over for dinner or breakfast on the weekends and Christmas will be much simpler as well. Much better than only being able to see them a handful of times a year.


J.S. said…
Wait. You're staying at my house when? Next week?
mcsteans said…
Yeah, next week. Which is why I said "may" be camping out, cause it hadn't been confirmed. heh.

I can always stay at my folks house. We could also stay here on the second floor and come and go from the balcony. I bet that would amuse the neighbors.
The League said…
I am not sure where I am staying. It seems prudent to stay at your place to keep an eye on the dogs.

But, I could also go home to sleep, shower, etc...
J.S. said…
You can stay at my house. How are Jamie's parents going to find a church in San Marcos that involves snake handling and speaking in tongues? Maybe in Wimberley....

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