Happy Halloween

Quotes of the night:

Ryan, to pint sized storm trooper: "Hey! Storm trooper!"
Storm trooper: "How did you know I was a storm trooper?"
Ryan: "How did 'I' know you were a storm trooper???"

Tiny Batman, to Ryan: "I'm here to help you save the day, Superman!"

We had a great Halloween with tons of kids, beautiful weather, and a surprise visit from Steven and Lauren. Thanks for stopping by, guys!

Steven was so enamored with his tri-cornered hat it may make further appearances as his pontificatin' hat.


J.S. said…
You guys all look awesome. One question- has Superman changed to boxers this year?
The League said…
He did. The built in briefs were less than flattering, so I picked up some shorts as part of the costume.

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