Stuff I did this week

Sorry for the lack of posting. It's been a good week, what with shopping with my mom on Tuesday and a visit from my childhood best friend, Rebecca, Thursday.

Rebecca is in town for a conference. It's amazing how easy it is to regress back to your childhood self with someone who's known you forever. We laugh a lot at dumb things we did as kids, and dumb things we do as adults. I wish she lived in Austin so we could hang out more. That was my not so subtle plea to get her to move here. Rebecca and Juan, you need to move to Austin!

It seems like something else good happened this week, but I'm having trouble remembering.....

Shoot, what was that.......

Oh. That's right.

Ya'll, I seriously cried during his speech on Tuesday. It's like I've been repressing my feelings about the downward spiral we've been in for so long and that all finally came out. For the first time in 8 years I felt hopeful. The polls kept saying Obama was probably going to win, but I couldn't make myself believe until it actually happened. I know we were all joking about leaving the country after the last election, but I think if he hadn't won I would have been on the phone with my Aunt Helen in Canada begging for her to take in the League household; Mel, Lucy, and Jeff the Cat included.

O, Canada!

So Tuesday during the day, while trying not to think about the election, my mom and I headed to Barton Creek Mall. Here's the deal with me and shopping: I am not a shopper. I go shopping maybe twice a year. These trips are usually the result of Ryan begging me to please go buy some new clothes. It has taken years of training for Ryan to get me to stop whining and pulling on his arm any time he starts browsing at Target. Maybe it's my short attention span, but when I go shopping by myself, I have a list and I want to get in and out as quickly as possible. This is why I hate malls. Normally I stick to shopping at places like the Arboretum so that I have an easy escape route from each store.

I was honestly a little disappointed with the fall offerings in stores this year and walked away with only a couple of shirts and a nice coat (thanks, Mom!). We did, however, see these:

That's right: Ugg Crocs.

I'd like to know who masterminded this hybrid of ugly shoe and ugly shoe. Isn't the point of Uggs (there's really not a point, but I'm stretching here) to keep your feet warm and the point of Crocs that they're something you can slip on in the summer?

I don't understand you, Ugg Crocs. You are hideous and serve no purpose.


The League said…
Bit of clarity here:

I do not force Jamie to go shopping.

After she complains for the 1,000th time she has nothing to wear, I say "well, they have stores that can help solve your problem". It is interesting to see how Jamie interprets my suggestion she take part in an activity she dislikes as a hostile act.
mcsteans said…
I don't interpret it as hostile at all, I just think it's funny that you have to point out the obvious to me.
J.S. said…
In all honesty, The League does bug Jamie to go shop from time to time, but that's mostly so he doesn't have to feel as guilty about spending their life savings at Austin Books.

Also, it's good that Obama won the election. Canada isn't ready for the sort of unmitigated savagery that Jeff the Cat presents.
Anonymous said…
Jamie- thought you might be interested to hear that the Ugg Crocs are the rage among the (older) hospitalized kids here at TCH. I had the same reaction as you when I saw them. Luckily, Owen is too young to try to follow the crowd, instead he wears only a diaper and socks...
Anonymous said…
so THAT'S what the canadian flag was for! i was very confused.

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