Rain and Taxes

Taxes are DONE. Just printed them out and e-filed.


Every year it seems tax time sneaks up on me, even though there is no excuse for my surprise. Every year I scramble around my office, collecting documents I have failed to file properly, even though every year I tell myself I will be more organized. Oh well. They are done. Hooray.

Rain has finally come to Central Texas along with a wicked cold front. This is a good thing as we needed the rain desperately. I'm not sure Lucy agrees with me.

Lucy spends her days attached to my shins. I've even been taking her down to my parents' house with me because she loves their half acre backyard (aka Happy Hills Puppy Farm). Usually by the drive back to Austin she has collapsed in a furry panting heap in the passenger seat. I've also been pretty good about taking her for walkies, so she's been getting lots of exercise, which is good for a hyper lab.

Today Lucy is performing a series of woe-is-me flops and pathetic whines as I go from room to room, but I refuse to take her out. It is freezing and rainy and I won't do it.


Unknown said…
Stand your ground McSteans, stand your ground : )
J.S. said…
You are the pack leader, Jamie!!!!

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