Taste Test: Star Trek cereal

Cereal: The Final Frontier.

"Enterprise to McSteans: delicious cereal detected in your area"

Captain's log: Early scans show zero signs of nutrition

First Officer Jeff the Cat attempts to make contact

I question my decision to purchase the promotional box of Star Trek cereal. Past experience with Superman movie cereal and Spiderman movie cereal leads me to believe I should put the box down and back away slowly.

But I don't.

Whoo-boy. This doesn't look good.

Let's take a closer look: from left to right: "Planet Earth", "Planet Vulcan", "Galaxy", and an assortment of "Delta Shields". Damn, those galaxies look like they have the potential to rip the roof of my mouth to shreds.

Better start with the marshmallows. Red ones first!

Lucy thinks I really need to get a life.

There's no going back now.

To boldly taste what no man in their right mind would want to taste.

Eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuunnnnnngggghhh. It doesn't taste BAD, per say, it's......just...not GOOD. Kind of like the leftover Lucky Charms that fell on the floor at the factory.

Aaaaaaand there goes the roof of my mouth. And not in a good way, like Cap'n Crunch.


Setting phaser to "Vaporize"

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson with the movie tie-in cereal by now. They are NEVER good. NEVER. I think I'll let Ryan finish the box. Or maybe I'll just throw it away.


J.S. said…
Well played! I bet that the cereal tastes weird because it's from a food replicator.
Nice job with the F/X on the video, by the way! For your next trick I think we all need to see Roundball flying above the clouds in his super suit... (just a suggestion)

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