The Bay Area in Pictures

We're back! Here are some pictures of our trip in mostly chronological order:

This was our view of San Francisco across the Bay from our hotel room at the Doubletree Marina Hotel in Berkeley. Doug informed me that the clouds were haze, not smog. No, really.

Tilden Park Botanical Garden. Having just gotten off the plane from Austin, Ryan and I spent most of the time in awe that it was mid afternoon and we weren't dead from heat. I also managed to get caught in the sprinklers three times.

Window Lion at Mr. Mopps Toy Shop in Berkeley, where I purchased a kick ass clock. You should come see it sometime.

Fisherman's Wharf.

Fisherman's Wharf with Alcatraaaaaaaz! in the background. It was a clear day, but we still couldn't see the Golden Gate bridge. It was pretty much wearing a nice layer of clouds the entire time we were there. We did drive over it on Saturday, though.

Waiting for the cable car, being serenaded by a street trumpeter with the talent of a sixth grader. I believe at this point we were listening to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". That line couldn't go fast enough.

Aaaaand here's our trumpeter. Yes, he is wearing a plush heart hat. Only in San Francisco, folks -- see if you can spot the following items: child with questionably shaped animal balloon, plastic dinosaur, live rabbit.

Samurai exhibit at the Asian Art Museum.

Doug's cat Digger enjoying the stuffing from a wedding present. Kitty Dixie predictably did not make an appearance.

de Young Fine Arts Museum. We spent about an hour walking around...

and then spent some time wandering around Golden Gate Park.

Isotope Comics in San Francisco. Ryan got to meet one of his favorite writers, Geoff Johns.

Leaving the de Young after we returned in the evening to view the King Tut exhibit, which was amazing.

Ryan was sad we had to come home.

We had a fantastic trip and I'd like to thank Doug and Kristen for showing us around. We'll be back in September for the big wedding!


J.S. said…
Cool! Looks like you guys had some pretty nice weather.
Unknown said…
yay! the photos are awesome. i'm sorry i missed the motheaten lion...

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